Enterprise Culture
Group History
Main Operation
National Distribution

China New Material Company Guangzhou Branch under MCI established
Emerged as a pure private company due to the restructuring of MCI
Guangzhou Benhua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd established
Guangzhou Huipu New Chemical Material Co., Ltd established
Guangzhou Huibang Polymer Co., Ltd established
Guangzhou Customized Chemical Research Institute (private Science and Technology Park), being the sixth private enterprise which has the import and export right.
Guangzhou Huicai Coating Chemical Co., Ltd
Shanghai office established
Beijing office established
Hong Kong office established
Tianjin office established
Wuhan office established
Shenyang office established
Changshu office established
Fuzhou office established
Xiamen office established
Xian office established
Chongqing office established
Yaan office established
Chengdu office established
NCM Labor Union established
the first credit team of NCM established
ISO9001 certified
Huipu Group (Hong Kong) established
Qingdao office established
Yuyao office established
the first manufacturing plant established- manufacturing TBHQ
Building materials demonstration center in Changshu established
Shanghai Hersbit Chemical Co., Ltd established, becoming the headquarter of the group
Urumqi office established
Wenzhou office established
Finished acquisition of coolant packaging plant in ASHAHI Development Zone
NCM technology center established
NCM corporate university and training base established
ERP system of SAP implemented
Shenzhen office established
SOHO office in Changchun established
Dalian office established
NCM demonstration center established (Changshu office)
NCM farm in Conghua, Guangzhou (training + relaxation+ rest site for senior officials ), named as NCM Shangluo Farm
Guangzhou Huicai Coating Chemical renamed to Guangzhou Hersbit Chemical Materials Co., Ltd
The two business unit Huicai and Huipu combined to fine and specialized chemical department, and then as chemical unit
Polymer unit PCM renamed to PRM, separating building materials and introducing rubber
Marketing Operation Department established, abbreviated MOD
CRM and SCM system implemented
Knowledge Management system built
Hersibt Information Technology Co., Ltd established
NCM fencing hall and fencing team established
Hangzhou office established
Ningbo office established
SOHO offices in Kunming, Guiyang and Mianyang established
Five regional technology centers established in Changshu and other cities.
Mobile-commerce started
Top 500 China chemical enterprise, ranking 227
Top 500 China chemical enterprise, ranking 181
Zhengzhou office established
Dongguan office established
Top 10 Private Enterprises for promoting China coating industry presented by panel of China Chemical Industry coating & painting committee and Coating Industry
Company magazine Consensus issued
Joint venture-Ter Engineering Plastic (Shouzhou) Co., Ltd established
Top 500 China Chemical enterprise, ranging 159
North American office established
Changsha office established
Zhongshan office established
Changzhou office established